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Whispers In Winter

by Allen B. Boyer

Series: Bess Bullock Retirement Home Series (#4)

Publisher: Cozy Cat Press 06 Feb 2014


Everywhere she looks in her retirement home, Bess Bullock finds that winter is a
season for secrets. First, there is the secret of The Cross Stitch Six, a group
of talented stitchers who conspire to keep a secret about one of their deceased
members. Then there is Anita Gilmore, who breaks her silence to Bess about a
long held belief that she is being stalked by someone in the Honey Hills
Retirement Center. Even Bess’s friend, Alma Crisp, is not immune from a secret
that she harbors. A secret that inadvertently puts Alma’s moral reputation at
risk. Yet, the most unsettling secret Bess discovers involves the previous
occupants of her home. When she learns that her neighbors suspect a murder took place in the house right before Bess moved in, it leads her to question everything that she once loved about her “perfect home.” As a former police detective, Bess must summon up her skills for observation and detection to restore calm to her winter at the Honey Hills Retirement Center.

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Showing 1 - 1 of 1 Books