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Snowmen and Sorcery

by Sam Short

Series: Spellbinder Bay Paranormal Cozy Mystery Series (#4)

Published: 06 Dec 2019


It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas! Perhaps you should be worried...

There's not much that's cosier than a family Christmas holiday in a traditional log cabin set in a Scottish highland town.

It's uniquely special for Millie Thorn. It's her first Christmas with the father she's recently found out existed, and her new sister. She can't wait to spend the Christmas period with a family she never knew she had!

Reuben is going with them too, of course. A good witch would never leave her familiar behind, and Millie wasn't going to leave the mischievous, talking cockatiel at home while she went to Scotland for Christmas. Even if the bird had insisted that he'd be fine on his own with a stocked pantry and the TV remote control.

Before they've even reached their destination, problems arise, and Millie is forced to use powers she never imagined she could harness.

It's not long after arriving in the snowy landscape of The Highlands that the family is drawn into problems more complicated than near death experiences.

When the locals take an instant dislike to the newcomers, Millie begins to wonder whether the little town is as friendly as it appears to be. Being present when a man is found beaten almost to death, simply helps cement her view that there is more to Kilgrettin th

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Showing 1 - 1 of 1 Books