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Witch Is When It Gets Crazy

by Lucy May

Series: Lemon Tea Cozy Mysteries (#3)

Published: 26 Jun 2018


Welcome to Lemon Bliss, Louisiana where an abandoned lemon tea factory is the most happening place in town and witches secretly rule the roost.

Violet Broussard is busy trying to get up to speed on her, ahem, powers. Throw in Gabriel who’s too handsome and charming for his own good, and she’s juggling a lot.

Despite the madness, she’s discovered Lemon Bliss just might feel like home. On an otherwise uneventful day, a supernatural investigator turns up dead after a night at the defunct lemon tea factory.

Things get really crazy when it turns out the poor guy died of poisoning from a plant well-known for its use by witches in days gone by. Violet’s suspicions are spiked more than her grandmother’s lemon tea when she finds her mother and the other older witches snooping about in the factory at night.

Violet is thrown into the middle of the investigation. Again. Breaking and entering has become her go-to power. It’s all in the name of justice, right?

Meanwhile, the supernatural investigators are talking to non-existent ghosts, and the lemon trees are blooming out of control.

Loopy lemon tea, witches and wackiness abound in this cozy mystery.

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Showing 1 - 1 of 1 Books