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The Case of the Fairy Lord

by Victoria DeLuis

Series: Rune Witch Mysteries (#2)

Published: 12 Sep 2019


Trapped by an oath. Surrounded by enemies. Out to buy wedding cake…

Summer can think of nothing better than a walk amongst the trees that feed her magic with the man she loves, so you can understand how angry she feels when someone disrespects the sanctity of life, and her forest along with it!

When the body of a murdered young man is dumped at their feet, Summer and Thomas don’t hesitate to jump into action and use everything at their disposal to find his killer. Even if at first appearance, the case is not one of the supernatural kind.

With nowhere else to turn, their quest leads them to cross paths with a Lord of the Fair Folk, but how much can Summer and Thomas trust one of the tricky Tylwyth Teg?

Summer will fight to the end to catch the killer and discover the truth.

But how much is the truth worth fighting for, and what does she do when Thomas, the love of her life, wants to fight in her place?

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Showing 1 - 1 of 1 Books