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The Case of the Goblin Girl

by Victoria DeLuis

Series: Rune Witch Mysteries (#1)

Published: 12 Sep 2019


Meet Summer Daniels. Friend. Foe. Witch.

There may be better ways to spend the night before your 25th birthday than hunting the Dog of Darkness, but as long as Thomas is by her side, Summer can think of only a few.

As a Rune Witch of the Ogham faith who draws magic from the trees through the tattoos on her arms, Summer makes her living solving mysteries of the supernatural kind. As a result, she’s learned to expect the unexpected. But nothing prepares her for the birthday package that arrives from her estranged mother.

The forest cottage of her childhood, the home she thought lost forever, is now hers.

Returning to the cottage was never going to be easy, but it’s harder still when before they have a chance to look around, Thomas and Summer are called to a case by the Supernatural Council.

A house fairy has been murdered. A house fairy whose master happens to be a heartless goblin… Yet, as it turns out, the goblin is the least of their problems.

A lover endangered. A friend betrayed. A memory taken.

The cards are stacked against them but hell hath no fury like an angry Witch and her human lover!

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Showing 1 - 1 of 1 Books