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Deputy Gabby Grimm to the Rescue: A Gabby Grimm Fairy Tale Mystery #4

by Sara M. Barton

Series: A Gabby Grimm Fairy Tale Mystery (#4)

Published: 01 Jan 2016


An Amazon exclusive -- three previously published tales now bundled together as a special download!

Meet the heroine of the Latimer Falls, Vermont Sheriff’s Department, Deputy Gabriella Grimm. Whether she’s falling off a roof, chasing down terrorists, or leading a hostage to safety, Gabby is always on the move and you’re invited to go along for the wild ride.

This boxed set contains three Gabby Grimm Fairy Tale Mysteries:
Snow White and the Hunter (Book 1)
Where's Hansel and Gretel's Gingerbread House? (Book 2)
Little Red Riding Hood and the Secret Cookie Recipe (Book 3)

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